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Guest Author: Shalini Sejwani

Zen Cafe is a great place to hangout for anybody and everybody who likes a fusion of art and nature.  The feel of art is in the air at Zen cafe, it also gives you a relaxing and ‘chill maro’ feeling!! Though the menu has a limited number of varieties, there is enough to keep you entertained, and the brewed beverages are exceptional.

Talking about this place, let’s be informed that it is originally known as Hussain Doshi Gufa; this underground art gallery has been named after the two eminent personalities, M.F. Hussain and B.V. Doshi.   B. V. Doshi, the architect and M.F. Hussain the painter of this masterpiece. This place is now popularly known as Amdavad Ni Gufa.

The cave is marvelous and the artwork done is magnificent.Even If you aren’t an art lover or, you are still surely gonna like this place. The crowd in here is eminent, individuals of all ages and backgrounds wind up here, hanging out, working, talking, chatting, admiring the place, or maybe just bird watching (In true sense of the word!!).

Besides being at Ahmedabad Ni Gufa, Zen cafe is also located at two other places in Ahmedabad on Satellite Road, next to Sundarvan and at Mithakali, across Sardar Patel Seva Samaj.

A place by the youth, of the youth and obviously for the youth!!!


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