YO YO Ahmedabad with Honey Singh event was organised and managed at H.L College by XTREME EVENTS. The event was well organised by the event management firm because there was ample security provided by OMKARA SECURITY (more than 300 bouncers) were taking charge of the event. The event scheduled to be started at 6:30 pm began only around 7:30 pm amidst a n increasingly anxious crowd of YO YO fans, by the performance of Handsome Devils group which tried hard to lure the crowd with remixed Bollywood numbers like Munni Badnam Hui, Sheila ki jawani, Tinku jiya and Mehbooba o Mehbooba.

RJ Aseem from 91.1 fm addressed the crowd in pure gujarati and got a good response as he is a famous jock of Ahmedabad. Then came Dance India Dance star Mangesh and his troop who performed a beautiful welcome dance for the yet to be mesmerised YO YO fans. Then there was DJ Yash who started getting the crowd together showcasing his talent.

The evening just got better when little Yakin Raval climbed the stage and his tiny feet created wonders as the crowd who was still thinking got a boost in form of some commendable B boying by the kid. He reminded me of the kid from the EPIC movie “The Kid” of Charlie Chaplin. He performed with amazing guts and got the glory he deserved by his unmatched stage presence. I must say the performance that he gave at such an early age in front of four to five thousand people and it was like a cake walk for him. This was certainly one of the positives we got from the show. Kid you rocked!!!

Then the long wait was over and as if the crowd was waiting for GOD to appear in front of them, came YO YO HONEY SINGH along with MAFIA MUNDEER, J-Star and his younger brother Alfaaz. They got the anxiously waiting yet angry crowd rolling and soon the wait was worth. He started his signature songs Brown Rang, Tik Tok High Heels and his new specially made for Gujarat song ‘Achko Machko’. The people thought that this should go on and on and one and all were immersed in the magical spun of Honey Singh. But they thought they spoke too soon. Just when Honey Singh was performing Achko Machko, police played the spoilt sport. Honey Singh was awesome during his short yet dynamic cameo on H.L stage.

The crowd, as expected got violent as they felt cheated and it was rightly so. They started tearing the posters, banners and everything was getting out of control as one can expect when an Amdavadi is cheated. And there were thousands of such crazy Amdavadis who wanted a refund and all kinds of things which only an Amdavadi can imagine. A source from the event management confirmed that the security was good, the event was well organised and they had the permission to go on till 11 but on what basis the police did this is still a mystery because we couldn’t talk to the police officials.

Our Photographers Nirav and Harsh had a tough time capturing the moments. Some local newspapers were taking interviews of the sentimental Amdavadis who had spent thousands after the entry pass and will publish the articles tomorrow morning. But our team got this first and we are proud to cover it. I am a writer and I attended the event being a common man so this account is what a common man of Ahmedabad would feel but could not convey after reaching home. You bet to differ and if you feel the same don’t forget to hit the Like button!!!

Yakin was awesome, YO YO Honey Singh Magic did work but the overall audience felt cheated.








Photography Courtesy : Nirav Ashoka Prajapati and Harsh Kannada.




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