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Why India needs more projects like ‘Ammee’

In a progressive country like India, where the social status of human beings is constantly rising, many unlucky people are not exposed to basic needs. There are people who are stuck in the old age beliefs and constraints. All they need is some ray of hope, which can bring them out from their sufferings.

And, it is us who can do so. However, aren’t we too busy with our own lives and problems to even look at it? In such circumstances where youngsters choose to go abroad for better living and wealthy people merely sign some checks; there are some people like Rashida Poonwala, who believe in taking a stand.

Rashida Poonawala started a project called, ‘Ammee’ that focuses on educating mothers in lower income groups who are unaware of the basic facilities. She started this project in 2014 with an aim to bring awareness, self-love, confidence, and personal security to mothers.

What is project Ammee?

“Project Ammee is a project that revolves around a simple funda “Empower the mothers and society will be empowered”.

Orthodox ideas and subservience have led to women being uneducated, living in isolation from the real world. Under the pardah of their households, they have no sense of self, no security of relationships, and no love for themselves.

Ammee translates to mother. They believe that society is guided by its mothers. An empowered secure mother will raise children who are empowered, secure, and respectful. With the rising crimes against women, Ammee as a project can bring about the right intervention to help lower strata of society respect its women, one mother at a time.

How can these women raise a better generation of individuals? Hence, Ammee, aims at helping these women.

Project Ammee: a project for mothers in the ghetto muslin areas of Ahmedabad
Project Ammee: a project for mothers in the ghetto muslin areas of Ahmedabad

What happens in the project Ammee?

In May 2014, Ammee took off. It targets mothers in the Ahmedabad Muslim ghetto area of Danilimda. With workshops on self care, cooking, cinema therapy, curriculum, etc., mothers were being given subtle counseling. They helped mothers feel secure about themselves and command respect, such that they can impact the lives of their children.

The basic communication training was aimed at helping these ‘parda’ clad women, connect with the real world and heal their confidence. The ultimate aim of the project is to help uneducated mothers. The name may be Islam inspired, but the project sees no faith that it narrows down to. 

Project Ammee's first session
Project Ammee’s first session

Who is Rashida Poonawala?

Rashida Poonawala: The  activist behind  Project  Ammee
Rashida Poonawala: The activist behind Project Ammee

Rashida Poonawala is a feminist mother of a son who is hell-bent on ensuring that the world does not force her son to become a female hater or one who stereotypes against them. Rashida is a commerce and psychology graduate and a practicing life coach with a very sensitive perception to society.

How can you help?

If you are keen on bringing change in the world than you can join Project Ammee. Details for the same can be found on http://www.ammee.in/

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