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Visual Narrative Art Workshops

It’s summer break and Ahmedabad is flooded with workshops. Dance workshops and sports classes are very common but what caught our eye was the “Visual Narrative Art Workshops” organized by aadhar and Varia Design Studio. It is not your everyday art workshop where students go and learn drawing and painting. This workshop is aimed at bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary.


This concept is so exciting; we are compelled to discuss it in detail. The Visual Narrative Art Workshop on the whole is spread across 1 month. Every weekend, one traditional art form is in focus. Participants can choose any workshops from these five – Mithila Painting, Pithora Painting, Mata-ni-Pachhedi, Kaavad painting and Phad painting. The first workshop is Mithila Painting and is scheduled for 24th-25th -26th May 2013. Similarly, all other workshops are scheduled every weekend until 23rd June 2013.


There are many reasons that make this workshop unique. Firstly, artisans that have practiced these art forms for years are going to be the ones teaching it. So what you will be learning is authentic art forms. That’s not all. There are two facilitators – Cindy Gould, Associate Professor, College of Design, Iowa State University, USA and Nita Thakore, India International Association of Art, Culture & Spirituality, Vadodara, Gujarat, and both are design educators. They would basically help the participants in understanding these art forms better and show them ways to use traditional arts in a contemporary setup. In sort, this series of workshops opens a creative door, bringing together a traditional artisan, a design educator and the general community.


The whole idea behind these workshops is to promote art to make it sustainable. It is the first time in India that a workshop on traditional art forms with design facilitators has been organized. If you are curious to know about Indian art and heritage or are interested in design studies, then the Visual Narrative Art Workshops are for you. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn and practice these art forms.


Registration Details:


Timings: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (including 1 hour lunch break)

Age: 14 + years (Open to all)


                C/281, Bhavna Tenaments, Vasna Barrage Road,

                Paldi, Ahmedabad- 380007, Gujarat, INDIA.

Participation Fee: Rs. 7000/- (Per Workshop)

Fee includes: All material, Lunch & refreshments, Take-away product along with certificate of participation,  An exhibition of workshop outcomes in Ahmedabad during end of June.

For registration, please email at varia.workshops@gmail.com or Call / SMS (your name_workshop) to Avni : +91 – 846 996 8811

Visual Narrative Art Workshops In Ahmedabad
Visual Narrative Art Workshops In Ahmedabad


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