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V.S Eggs Centre at Vastrapur Lake

As an Amdavadi you must have gorged on the egg delicacies of R.K Egg Eatery, N.I.D, Ravindra omelette and many more local egg walas in your surroundings but V.S Egg Centre is here to stay.

V.S Eggs Centre was started before six years by Virendra Singh, and this place rocks. There is no trance music, no comfortable sofas to sit, no air conditioned halls but just plain plastic stools, and the quality of food beats even the creamiest of the hotels.

The main dishes Virendra Singh serves us are Thomas Egg, which is a dish made of boiled eggs and veggies in a unique way and it will cost you Rs. 170/-  and Mayonnaise Kheema which is Rs. 180/- . At a roadside stall you would wonder that he is asking for trouble demanding such prices, but the quality and taste has the say here.

The Ahmedabad Blog is on a mission of such unique food stalls of Ahmedabad and they met Amar Singh, the younger sibling of the owner Virendra Singh who taught Amar how to make wonders with Eggs.

Amar specially made us a Mayonnaise Kheema which was the best of the lot. Some other specialities of this place are Egg Maggi and Surti Ghotala apart from the authentic egg recipies we have been having since ages.

V.S Eggs Centre is located just a few steps from Alpha One Mall at Vastrapur Lake and he has made the place a living hell for his fellow egg walas for sure.








Photographs Courtesy : Nirav Ashoka Prajapati

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