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Urbanrestro.com: One Stop Portal for Restaurant and Banquet needs

Urbanrestro is India’s first online portal which gives an end-to-end result in the realm of fine dine. A definitive USP of Urbanrestro is that it is a one stop to all your banqueting needs. Right from shortlisting the meals to selecting the one ideal venue for your event, to arranging with them; the whole torment of these errands is taken care by Urbanrestro.


Urbanrestro.com doesn’t just cut down the costs, but also gets you a table at your most loved restaurant. Now, you don’t need to hold up to relish that flavourful nourishment from that most loved restaurant of yours. With a sound plan of action, extraordinary recommendation and fruitful deals, Urbanrestro is doing extremely well, remembering it was only established in 2012.
 This portal means to associate with the procedure of feast booking, making it significantly more convenient and effective for the users. Urbanrestro is present in all the major cities of India- Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Pune. They are also now looking to expand in the Bangalore city. With 450+ fine feasting restaurants and 300+ Banquets, UrbanRestro.com strives to serve its users well.

Not to overlook, Urbanrestro additionally organizes different events and workshops like Fondue making workshops, Bartending workshops and Grill making workshops. They also help you arrange for different corporate gatherings and social functions.


The procedure they follow is exceptionally simple, you log onto urbanrestro.com and select your city and consequently select your restaurant. The site is amazingly easy to understand and provides you with different channels and options,thereby making your hunt simple. You then select your restaurant and reserve your table. UrbanRestro.com then responds with a confirmation message on your mobile and you’re good to go.

For banquet bookings, the steps to be followed are again very easy to understand. The user enquires, Urbanrestro shortlists, the users’ selects and then Urbanrestro negotiates in the best way keeping in mind the satisfaction of their users. A medium for comparing different banquets and selecting the ideal one is also provided on the portal.UrbanRestro.com has made a definitive mark in the unorganised banquet industry and is soon going to change how this industry functions.


For more information please visit www.urbanrestro.com

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