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So it’s that hot summer time again. “Let’s do something different today!” – is the general state of mind. That’s how we usually fight this weather and the boredom, don’t we? Well, here’s something truly different this season. Something that’s new, blue and cool. A place that keeps you chirpy and charged up while the mercury is in a bad mood. Say hello to ‘Turquoise Villa’ ladies and gentlemen, a trendsetting bistro that’s about to redefine your café experience for good!

turquoise villa ahmedabad food review


Enter this classy looking bistro and you instinctively know that it’s soon going to be your all-time adda! Stimulating ambiance and creative vibes – they do the trick. Grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee and sip it leisurely next to their Cycle Explosion Wall. New ideas are sure to pop up in your mind in a creative company like that! Or, settle down at the grand looking table next to the Brainstorming Wall. Doodling on it with your friends will shoot up the fun quotient of your evening. The upside down Echo Table is a wonder in itself. Now, if you get hooked on to this enticing bistro, blame it on its irresistible environment! And guess what? This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come!



So, next in line to woo you is their exceptionally innovative food palette. It flaunts a fantastic fusion of global cuisine with desi tadka. Go through the entertainingly crafted menu and give a shot to their trademark dishes, like Pop-a-corn Soup or the Pav-bhaji Fondue. Yes, the creativity that you see in the ambiance admirably continues in their food too! Try out their Sliders – a ‘quick bite’ adaptation of burgers. A must try is their Ramesh-Suresh Pastry – a ‘Desi 5 Star meets the Belgian Chocolate ’ version from their patisserie.


Turquoise Villa scores really high on the way they present their food. Needless to say that their core inclination towards creativity and innovation is maintained in this department as well. Their signature cutlery adds to the experience. Tagine for example, one of their instant hits, is served to you in artistic looking Moroccan vessels. The pizzas are served on finely designed wooden boards. The Jar glasses of Turquoise Villa offer you a lavish quantity of iced teas and shakes – quintessential summer drinks for an Ahmedabadi food lover! The little turquoise and yellow kettles deserve a special mention for their happy omnipresence. You do feel like carrying one of them back home with you!


And now, here is the icing on the cake – Turquoise Villa is a ‘round the clock food’ bistro! Yes, you read it right. Drop in for a power-packed breakfast, and enjoy the sunny mornings with great music. Their rich and versatile menu pleasantly makes up for a hearty lunch or a dinner. Or, stop by for a refreshing ice tea and filling snacks during the early evenings. And, when you are in a mood to end your day on a really sweet note, Turquoise Villa is all set to spoil you with its sinful desserts. Now, doesn’t that make up for an ‘appetizing’ summer gift for all you food lovers of Ahmedabad? Eat, drink and be merry at Turquoise Villa, dear foodaholics! Summers have hardly ever been so soothing and yummilicious before.


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The Ahmedabad Blog team is made up of geek bloggers, professional and newbie photographers, not-so serious interns, friendly designers and a whole lotta love for Ahmedabad!

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The Ahmedabad Blog team is made up of geek bloggers, professional and newbie photographers, not-so serious interns, friendly designers and a whole lotta love for Ahmedabad!

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