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Top 5 Restaurants to visit when on diet

“A diet is when you watch what you eat and wish you could eat what you watch.” ~  Hermione Gingold

Practically everybody in Ahmedabad is a foodaholic. Food in some ways is the essence of the nightlife in this city and thereby this city makes it impossible for someone to diet.  Yet, we have managed to figure out a few places you can enjoy food guiltfree without worrying about the calorie count. So here’s the list:

Havmor: Shocked? Well… be prepared to be amazed by the Va’lens menu at Havmor which is designed especially for people who are trying to keep a tab on the calories they consumed. This menu has everything – starters to dessert from an array of different cuisines and is prepared by expert nutritionists and dieticians.


Upper Crust Café: This is the mecca for everyone who loves sizzlers. And thanks to Upper Crust, you can now enjoy a sizzler even while dieting. The Jane Fonda sizzler is made with just one teaspoon of oil and it does not compromise on the taste.


Subway: It is no mystery that eating loads of salad is great when you are trying to reduce weight. But it is Subway that makes eating salads so much easier. All the veggies they add to the sub are low-cal and nutritious. And you can make it a great meal by wisely choosing a wheat bread and dressings like mustard, olive oil, vinegar and honey mustard.


Cravingz: Have a sweet tooth and love flirting with flavors? Well, then head straight to Cravingz for some sugar rush. The frozen yogurt at this place is either low fat or non-fat that makes sure to not only delight your taste buds but also boost your health.


 Shambhu’s Coffee Bar: Can’t live without the aroma of coffee? Well then, you can choose to enjoy the classic cold coffee at Shambhu’s minus the sugar. Yes, Shambhu’s Coffee Bar actually serves sugar free coffee. Now, isn’t it simply awesome?



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