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Top 5 Gujarati Thali places in Ahmedabad

When your friends or relatives come to Ahmedabad and demand to gorge on the famous Gujarati Thali, these are the places where you can take them to.

 Restaurants serving Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad.
Restaurants serving Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad.


They say that the best things in life are the simplest ones. This is so true for Toran. Located in a small alley off Ashram Road, Toran provides the simplest of Gujarati fare on its thali. The simplicity of the farsan, the hearty vegetables, the rustic daal, the hot rotis and puris, the melt in your mouth bhakris or the awesome dessert offerings, the overall experience is truly a gastronome’s delight! The attentive servers add a lot of memory to a truly gastronomic experience. Cost for two: Rs 500


An eclectic mix of Gujarati/Rajsthani fare, Rajwadu wins full points, not only for its scrumptious fare, but also the ambiance! Set in a charming village like open area, the diner never feels crowded in the huge space that is a part of this place. If one goes for the thali, the welcome drink is quite refreshing and tasty. One can enjoy the shows like the puppet show or the snake charmer or the pots-on-hand folk dances before one is led to one of the numerous private nooks for a lavish dinner. The huge array of items that one is served on the platter is enough to overwhelm one’s senses. Rich and beautifully spiced, one would do well to go with a HUGE appetite to truly enjoy the delights that Rajwadu has to offer. Cost for two: Rs 1100

Ame Gujarati

Good food – Good ambiance. What else can one wish for a satisfying dinner experience? Located in a huge open space, the individual table clusters are placed inside glass enclosures giving one the experience of open air dining while conveniently protecting one from the elements. The choice of food items is what one would expect at any good Gujarati Thali joint. The background music is soothing and syncs well with the mood of the food. The most basic thali that they have to offer itself has a lot of goodness for the discerning foodie. A combination of food and ambiance makes this a wonderful place to enjoy a thali. Cost for two: Rs 1100


Located a bit off C.G. Road, Sasuji is one of those places which serves memorable Gujarati food. The one item that they serve (that is not a regular on many menus but tends to stick – in a good way – in your memory) is the bitter-gourd vegetable! Imagine that – Karele ki Subji done in such a beautiful way that you actually want more. For that one unforgettable experience, this place makes it to our top 5 list. Cost for two: Rs 500


A simple and elegant yet authentic Gujarati taste is what one can sample at this place. It’s not just one great item, but a lot of small things done just right, which rightfully earns this place a mention in the honours roll. Cost for two: Rs 450

Other places that are worth a try:

  • Pakwan
  • Jaliyan
  • Gordhan Thaal
  • Gopi Dining Hall
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  1. neeraj.vohra@gmail.com'

    Toran is not always good.We experienced stale food twice & tasteless also.I don’t recommend Toran.
    However,Atithi,Pakwan,Gordan Thaal,Rajwadu are very good.

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