Top 5 Gardens of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a place of out and out foodies and irrespective of going to a marriage or a funeral the main aim of Amdavadis hovers around food. Delicious food is a weak point of an average amdavadi.

But due to recent modernization Ahmedabad has produced many fitness freaks that are not only health conscious but make an extra effort to help their buddies and family members too.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and AUDA (Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority) which was established by the Gujarat Government for planned development of the areas falling out of the periphery of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation developed many gardens in Ahmedabad.

Law Garden beats this category at any given time. Law Garden was named after the college of law situated near the garden. Law Garden has always been famous for its morning walks, soups and snacks in the morning, sing chanawalas to pav bhaji laaris and handicraft shopping in the night. Amdavadis love this garden more than any other garden of the city.

Parimal Garden is not the one to lag behind Law Garden. Parimal Garden is one of the oldest gardens of the city and witnesses thousands of fitness freaks every morning and evening.

Vastrapur Lake Garden is one of the newly developed gardens of the city but this place has developed more than any other place of Ahmedabad. This place is surrounded by residential area, hospitals, schools, offices, shops and what not. This adds to the variety of the people coming to Vastrapur Lake garden. This place is also famous for Chai and pahwa, cheap yet tasty dosas, khichu, soda and omelettes.

One of the other popular gardens of the city is Victoria Garden which is perhaps a historic garden of the walled city. Victoria Garden is located at the southern edge of the Bhadra Fort and contains a statue of Queen Victoria.

There are many AUDA gardens in various parts of Ahmedabad like the famous ones at Prahladnagar, gurukul, navrangpura and many more. Amdavadis who live far away from Law Garden and Parimal Garden seek refuge at the AUDA gardens of their respective areas for jogging, walking, yoga  and children love to play cricket, football and badminton at these gardens.

Thousands of Amdavadis start their days and some even end it at these gardens. So Amdavadis, what are you waiting for?





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