The winter affair – a creative festive bonanza!
Setting the festive mood in the swing, the Winter Affair was a fresh and surprising package for the people. With Diwali on the outset, there couldn’t have been a better time for the exhibitors as everyone is the mood to splurge! Spread in the sprawling garden area of Green Pearl restaurant, the event was well managed and quite a feast for all.
The fair was having two workshops, one was a shoe redesign workshop by Swati Modo, and the other was pottery workshop. The various booths offered a creative palate ranging from aristic candles and diyas, stoles, jewellery, chocolates, shoes, creative lightings and a lot more. Ecobol, an Ahmedabad based green products company by Anushree Poddar and Saurabh Pacherivala, had its stall for T-shirts with green messages and various interesting stuff like bookmarks and stationery. A tarot card reader was also the centre of attraction. Jewellery made from waste materials like plastic bottles and cans displayed the concept of best from the waste! A bout of creativity at its best, there were contemporary paintings exhibited too.
There was just too much that the winter affair had to offer! Ahmedabad is sure getting more happening and fun, isn’t it?






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