The Heritage Film Festival Ahmedabad 2013

The Heritage Film Festival 2013

The Heritage Film Festival (HFF) is a platform where short films made on the heritage, arts and  crafts of India are viewed by diverse audiences at various venues across Ahmedabad. This film festival will then travel to different cities, both nationally and internationally. HFF – 2013 is scheduled from 19th November – 25th November in Ahmedabad. The theme for HFF2013 is Visual Narrative Arts and handicrafts of India. The Heritage Film Festival received over 50 films which were screened by this year’s prestigious jury which includes Ashoke Chaterjee, Hridaynath Gharekhan and Villo Mirza.

The Heritage Film Festival Ahmedabad 2013

The Heritage Film Festival Ahmedabad 2013

The Heritage Film Festival (HFF) is a unique endeavour aimed at generating enthusiasm for India’s glorious heritage and augments other awareness projects organized by aadhar, all relating to traditional arts and crafts of India. Through audio-visual media, the festival will celebrate Indian arts and hand-craft skills, demonstrate the diversity of our artistic traditions and raise awareness about their importance in various facets of our lives. Each year, a different theme will be selected for The Heritage Film Festival, thus covering a range of aspects related to India’s rich cultural heritage. 

The overall aim of The Heritage Film Festival is to encourage film submissions, organise film making projects, review film competitions, and screen films to diverse audiences. Our audiences have included students, from elementary through college-age, tourists, individuals and organisations interested in film, design and heritage. International communities are a targeted audience, as well, with the goal of promoting Indian heritage worldwide, thus plans for screening of The HFF films at international venues in the near future.

Here’s what the jury has to say about The Heritage Film Festival 2013:

Shri Hridaynath Gharekhan: ‘’Being a member of the film selection jury for the HFF by itself is an honour and I am proud to be a part of it. The screening sessions were like an explosion of information even for us. It was a visual treat, which I am glad, will be available to all of us. From generation to generation, some of the most unique knowledge and information is being passed in various forms and that is also on the verge of extinction because of a lack of effort and interest from our side in preserving and protecting it. The major advantage of this initiative of aadhar is that it is providing a platform to the films made of a different genre. The world over, films based on arts and craft or heritage are marginalized as a separate category. So aadhar is not only documenting and preserving Indian heritage, it allows the artisans and craftspeople m to connect with a larger audience and that is the most important thing’’.
Shri Villoo Mirza: “For me, aadhar is a humble institution that started its activity, simple and pure in its form, which is a very modest way to bring awareness of crafts and the artisan fraternity. aadhar received a very overwhelming response of film entries in its first attempt’ in 2012, thus encouraging aadhar to make the HFF an annual event.”
Shri Ashoke Chaterjee : “A very productive effort, and an educative experience for me personally. The entries suggest the richness of our craft heritage, and the relevance of that heritage to a sustainable future. The commitment of the film-makers to India’s artisans was wonderfully evident. A key outcome could be a festival of these films which travels to other centres as well as to schools of art, design, craft, architecture — and to the public that needs to be much more aware of this great Indian heritage, as well as of the threats that now face it. By focusing on issues of craft quality, these films can be used to help generate a demand for the handmade. The future of Indian craft depends entirely on generating a value and a demand for handcrafted quality within a new generation of users and consumers, at home and overseas. The Heritage Film Festival thus offers an important marketing tool, as well as a rich archive.”


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The Ahmedabad Blog team is made up of geek bloggers, professional and newbie photographers, not-so serious interns, friendly designers and a whole lotta love for Ahmedabad!

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