What am I doing with my life and where will it take me to?  This is what I thought when I was getting bored again and this was becoming a routine for me. The hustle of the world, college, family, relationships, friends, work. Where am I going to reach or exactly what is the final destination of my life. Having cups of tea with friends at the college canteen or having a sip of soda watching the match on the micro TV of the Soda Shop ,discussing worldly issues, political mishaps, technology stuff, the random gossiping of who is going around  with whom, what the professor thinks of himself, where will this education thing finally take me to?? If the ultimate destination is money then why is everyone running around education, talent, degrees if money is what you crave for then what is the use of this education. Am I the only one who thinks that money is everything or the is this a renowned fact that money is HAPPINESS? Am I the only one who thinks that earning money without working or earning money or the term “easy money” really exists?? And if it does why people dieng out of hunger are, sleeping on roads, or selling themselves for a few bucks.

Am I the only one who is saturated by the frustration that life offers to  me or Are there a few more or a million more people like me who think like me, feel the claustrophobic environment killing them whether it be due to college,work,family,relationship. Am I the only one who is trying to mend a broken relationship and dealing hard to “Move on” as the famous tagline of a watchmaker company say “MOVE ON” But is it that easy to implement? Has anyone ever really moved on? Or it is just a matter of time till you find someone new or maybe you never find anyone again.

Am I the only one who thinks that passing the exams without studying is a great matter of pride or are there a few more or just like before a million more people who think like I do.”Where will this education take you?? “ is the question hovering in my mind since the day I went to college and has probably given rise to many sleepless nights of sheer tension and increased weight which I blame on overeating. “DO some exercise or YOGA “they say but how do I put forth my explanation that what is the real cause and what is the solution for it. How many people do I have to explain what I feel?


The alternative is ‘I STAY SILENT’


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