The Battlefield Called Gujarat (Gujarat Elections 2012)

As the D-day is approaching nearer and nearer…all the political parties are on their heels to make sure each vote comes in their bank. Be it BJP or Congress or the recently launched GPP, each of them is leaving no stone unturned so that on 20th December, it’s their leader who occupies the throne in Gandhinagar and rules over 6 crore people of Gujarat.

The incumbent Chief Minister of ‘Vibrant’ Gujarat-as named by him because of progress he has brought in the state-and his political party BJP have gained much popular support amongst the people of Gujarat because in the last 12 years it has ”worked” but still the party and leader is not taking any chance. Out of 182 seats in the Vidhan Sabha, the BJP will be fighting for 181 and Narendra Modi with same old seat: Maninagar constituency in the Ahmedabad city. The campaign of BJP began with Modi’s Swami Vivekanand Yatra in all over Gujarat and then the central leaders of BJP like Navjyot Sidhu, Sushama Swaraj, Arun Jaitely and the party president Nitin Gadkari flocked in the city and various parts of state and campaigned for Mr. Modi with remarks as “The greatest CM Gujarat will ever have” and “A true leader in its own sense” and as we live in the biggest Democracy in the world, a party not only elevates its own leader but also brings opposition parties down too. BJP is attacking congress on whatever the party says.

The earliest issue BJP said that there isn’t any leader in the party today which can handle the state like Gujarat and no-one is comparable to Modi. Next they took on Congress’ website and advertisements’ showing photos of malnutrition and the ills farmer are facing in Gujarat where the photos were taken from Sri Lankan Refugee camp and Rajasthani farm in the respective cases. Surprisingly, BJP hasn’t said anything against GPP.  Radio and local TV channels along with dailies are full of their advertisements and promises with the slogan: “Ek mat Gujarat, bane bhaajap sarkar” i.e. United Gujarat wants BJP government. Let’s see how much BJP gets as compared to 2007’s 121 as this election shall clear the path for Modi’s route to Delhi and probably be the next Prime Minister of India.

Indian National Congress which hasn’t come in power in Gujarat since 1995 is now really desperate and excited to prove their presence in Gandhinagar. Right now holding just 55 seats in the Vidhan Sabha, Congress’ campaign trip began as Sonia Gandhi came to address a rally in Rajkot over a month back and since then Congress is trying everything it can to defame Modi, BJP and elevating its own image by hook or crook be it hate speeches or cheap politics. The promises Congress has made are tremendous and the accusations made by them are also large in serious in number like selling off governmental land in very cheap rates, not helping poor, farmer and layman, Corruptions and scams-all time high. Congress has termed this government as ‘Government of Industrialists’ as Modi is bringing on industries in state but is paying no attention to ‘Aamadmi’. With many clashes in the party because of ticket selection, many congressmen have turned to BJP or GPP for tickets. Congress is playing each of its moves wittily so that people support them. The radio, dailies and National TV channels are full of anti-BJP ads ranging from all sections of state in all forms with its famous slogan of “Aao dishan badaliye ane dasha pan” i.e. Come on lets change the direction and condition. This time competition is tough for Congress as its GPP too in field. Congress too is soft on GPP. Let’s see what Congress scores: 55, more, less or its going to be the change in leadership of Gujarat.

 Recently founded, Gujarat Parivartan Party is talking about bringing Parivartan i.e. changes in state, if elected. It seems GPP is not too interested to form the government as the campaign is too weak and limited to Southern parts of state. It is saying nothing against the Congress but is claiming that BJP rule has deteriorated the condition of the state as the security of citizens has decreased, corruption is high and layman is not given his part of progress. Claiming to bring electricity in some places where it isn’t and talking of change, manifesto of GPP is unclear. GPP has no ads in Ahmedabad in any form for campaign. Let’s see what its cores.

 This is the situation in here, but Ahmedabadis don’t forget to get out of your houses and go to vote! Vote and show your power as the citizen of  the Republic of India.

Vote Ahmedabad! May the best candidate win.


Article Contribution :- Vishal Kamlani


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