Last week when I went to the British Library from my home to the library, there are total 6 signals and one thing was common on all of that. When the light turned red, 3 out of 10 fellow commuters started spitting here and there. I hardly saved myself from the holy water molecules coming out of the mouths of the demons of the city and a thought provoked me that how many litres of spit the city or perhaps the country serves daily. I guess a sintex tank of 10000 litres would be enough for the daily storage of spit itself from the city.

We amdavadis think that we can spit around anywhere and everywhere we feel like. The most common phenomenon noticed outside government buildings, staircases, roads etc is the holi played by the citizens after eating various scented gutkhas. We may claim our city as the next big thing in the third world countries, we may have the biggest and the best equipped shopping malls in the country , an awesome metro and BRTS transportation system, serene beauty and what not. But as long as we the citizens do not start spreading awareness about this thing people won’t care. I have many family members and friends to whom I need to get this straight and clear that please “STOP SPITTING” else we may develop the art of spitting and break all the Guinness world records too.


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    chaitanya Reply

    I lived in Ahmedabad for a few months, and it was annoying how people would sit on their 9th floor balconies and spit out, and me, an innocent and unaware passerby, get hit with yukkkk stuff. Hope they stop that dirty habit.

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