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Tanmay Shah wins 3 record titles for 52 Films Project

About a year ago, we featured an exclusive interview with Tanmay Shah – a short filmmaker from Ahmedabad who had initiated the ’52 Films Project’. The main idea was to make 52 zero budget films in a year. With a release every Friday, Tanmay’s ’52 Films Project’ has now entered the India Book of Records and the Asia Book of Records, winning the “Most zero budget films in a calendar year” title.

The project was under the banner of FridayFictionFilms, a creative startup formed by him in 2014 for film-making and communications. It provides end-to-end solutions through ad films, animation films, documentaries, corporate films, CSR films and short films.

Shah has been listed in the Golden Book of World Records fetching the “Most short films directed by an individual in a year.” The World Records India has also picked up his contribution to film making, awarding him a slot for the record title of “Maximum short films released in a year time”. The Limca Book of Records is the next target.

“My love for films and the creativity that goes into it made me take up a challenge. I wanted to test my skills in the process as well. This was also my gift to the world of cinema in my own way. The record titles that I bagged are really overwhelming. This will serve as an encouragement to rethink creativity and mingle my passion with it to deliver for the audience,” Shah, the Founder and CEO of FridayFictionFilms commented on his achievement.

Every film delivers a social message through targeted videos with an intention to bring a positive change in society. They were released on its YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/FridayFictionFilms for wider viewership and quick reach. FridayFictionFilms has worked with more than 170 actors, never repeating the lead actor and have maintained the consistent length output and film duration of 3 hours and 22 minutes. All the films that were produced were shot and edited in Ahmedabad.

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