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Restaurant Review: Fresh Roast

Fresh Roast is a restaurant situated on the busy Paldi cross roads. The moment, you enter in, you will forget that you are in Ahmedabad. Surrounded by lush green trees, plants, and a fountain – Fresh roast is a perfect for cozy and romantic dinners. The restaurant owner explains Fresh Roast ...

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TURQUOISE VILLA ~ European Bistro & Café

So it’s that hot summer time again. “Let’s do something different today!” – is the general state of mind. That’s how we usually fight this weather and the boredom, don’t we? Well, here’s something truly different this season. Something that’s new, blue and cool. A place that keeps you chirpy ...

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Food Review: Bombay Street Cafe

Bombay Street Cafe - The best of street food from Mumbai

We Amdavadis have always craved for delicacies that please our senses forgetting our health all together. And that's why Amdavad is one of the most coveted cities for street food. And when it comes to straight-from-the-tava food, then our mind stops at one name: Law Garden. Nestled in one of the ...

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Toritos Restaurant Ahmedabad

Most of us try to avoid crowded places on weekends. But my theory is, if the place is crowded, it definitely is good. Toritos Restaurant is exactly like that. It’s a cozy place in Amabawadi, which is perpetually crowded, but the waiting forever in the long queues is totally worth ...

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