Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad

Dance Residency: Idiomas (Indo-French Dance Project) by Vaishali Trivedi & Sébastien Vela Lopez

Cultural Event: Dance Residency – Ahmedabad

Guest Author: Craft’ature 23 January 2014 was indeed an auspicious day. So very auspicious that millions of marriages took place. Literally! Throughout the day (& even night) I could see and hear band baaja baraat thronging every street and cross road…
NID faculty Sekhar Mukherjee exhibits his doodles, cartoons, comic strips and more at the French Gallery of Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad.

Sekhar’s Sketched World

Guest Author: Craft’ature  “…this is a yuga; a yuga wherein adharma will precede Dharma; corruption will envelope countries; mass deaths will occur via natural calamities; dishonesty…