T3 Cafe is a open air hangout place for young people of Ahmedabad
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T3 Cafe | I chat. You chat. Me chat

Guest Author: Craft’ature 

As we browse our smart phones (though I don’t know how much smart I am by using a smart phone!! The list of apps is endless. More so particularly the ones via which we can chat with our chatty people (of course the near and dear ones also included!!), they are the updated ones. The one with free voice messages or the one with free voice call options. I don’t know how many other option(s) are available in the market; nevertheless the point here is that the world seems to be on ‘apps’ today rather than a live one.

I have a loud voice a voice and since childhood I was scolded for raising my voice beyond a normal level. But then too I used to love speaking aloud (& clear 😀 😀 ) so that listeners enjoy my conversation and actually feel what I am trying to say!!!

Today when I am using these apps there is no such sound or scolding. But hopefully the opposite person understands what I am trying to say/express. If the IT creators out there invent an app by which you can feel the massiveness of the mountains or get drenched in the rains or get to feel the greenery will you or I invest in such an app?

Ahmedabad is surely getting prettier, serener & heavenly day by day; but in its own way; in its own style!! And one of ways is to tread out to a lonely place somewhere on the highway wherein I could escape to a world of mine; a place of mine!!

“Talk of the Town” or T3 is a subtle café. Subtle in its interiors, subtle in it’s environ and subtle in its silent ambience. And this subtleness was combined with snaps by an upcoming photographer; whose photographs were also exhibited in the same café. Truly that visit for me was a visit combined with visual treats!!  

T3 Cafe is a open air hangout place for young people of Ahmedabad

T3 Cafe is an open air hangout place for young people of Ahmedabad

This café in particular attracted my senses not just because of its serene locale but also because of its solitude surrounding. You will be embraced by the warmth of its openness, and be enveloped by greenery. Whether you catch up with your buddies to chit chat or whether you while away the time chatting with yourself, it really doesn’t matter!! But a visit to T³ Café will definitely make your moments worthwhile!!

So finally Ahmedabad with its crowd and noise gets lonelier and silent with places like these; exhibits like these! And you will realize online apps or phone apps are nothing in comparison to these live places to catch up with.

How many of us actually take out time for oneself and attempt to get lost in oneness with oneself? How many of us even think of taking out ‘Me Time’ and investing time for oneself (myself)?

Places like this surely make you one with yourself. It makes you unified with the Universe!! Next time you plan to chat with someone through any of the social utilities think again. I am sure you will.

Address : Red Petal Party Plot, lane next to Karnavati Club, Off S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad

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