Synchronicity featuring Gaurav Dagaonkar at IIMA Chaos Day 1 (2012-13)

 Today is the day which will be remembered for a long time in the history of Indian Institute of Management, IIMA Chaos the most awaited college festival of Asia’s Biggest and undoubtedly Ahmedabad’s best institute is organised twice in a year, a rare feat.

A mind blowing event needs days and months of planning and who better then IIMA students can handle this? The Ahmedabad Blog team got a chance to cover the whole event all thanks to the Chaos team and special thanks to Secretary Vineet Khattar.

As stated, the event started bang on time, once again a rare feat to achieve in a city like Ahmedabad, where people own the city. After a successful edition last year, “Choreo” IIMA Chaos’ best event kick started the concert with a bang.

The stage was set, spotlights on, sound check, everything fell in place, what else was the need of the hour? What was Ahmedabad waiting for? The preliminary elimination round was held in RJM and the final show was held at LKP stage. Many colleges from the country danced their way through like H.L Institute of Commerce and H.L Institute of BBA from Ahmedabad, National Institute of Design Ahmedabad and GJS Delhi.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the dance performances; the participants were truly outstanding in each and every move. The beautiful girls’ performance from H.L Institute was a treat to the eye, NID and GJS followed in bliss. The Robot dance of GJS Delhi was a novel concept which helped them win the Choreo competition with ease. People from all over the country loved the performance, so our lads did really well to keep the city’s spirits high.

It was a tough call between the winners and runners up cap, GJS won by a margin of mere 3.5 points leaving the sporting NIDians, who were brilliant too.

Aan Godiawala, a gifted pianist came on stage amongst anticipation from the crowd. He didn’t disappoint them and worked wonders on a chilling night on the lush green IIMA campus.

The ultimate performance was by Synchronicity featuring Gaurav Dagaonkar, who is an Ex- IIMA alumnus who got into the institute scoring a 99 percentile, which my parents dream of (for me).  Gaurav narrated his story of how he missed his campus placements and followed his passion in music at Mumbai. He was actually recording for an album at Mumbai during his placement, gutsy I must say. Not many have the courage to beat that. He is a singer and music director in Mumbai. He sang songs like ‘Tujhe Bhula diya’,’ Eagles’ by California, Soniya, and last but not the least ‘I miss my college days’. I personally recommend his ‘Pee loon’ song which is one of my favourites.

All this on the opening day of Chaos, feels like we are up for a record breaking task. Ahmedabad, gear up for more fun, thrill and entertainment in the days to follow. Keep tracking The Ahmedabad Blog in case you are busy with exams or any other issue.















Photographs Courtesy : Nirav Ashoka Prajapati


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