Summer: The best time to learn sports

Summer: The perfect time for sports!

Guest Author: Preet Kaur

Summer: The best time to learn sports

Summer: The best time to learn sports

Summers, the two months of vacation makes every student excited for  getting a break from school. But at the same time, thinking of the activities that could possibly be done to kill these two long months is a challenge! Well it is a tedious task to utilize your time in a constructive manner, as building hobbies and learning new skills could give one a hard time.

Looking closely, in today’s generation all the young ones choose to sit at home either watching television, or playing video games, clinging to their phones or is busy surfing through the Internet.  Few prefer to just sit at home and eat, few go outside and eat, and the others go to the movies. But for how long can this schedule go on for?  Some or the other day this will definitely reach its saturation point and soon will lead to a bored monotonous schedule.

Certainly, just sitting indoors is the main cause of boredom, though if one decides to go out in the fresh air and play sports, nothing would be better. From a recent research, 70% of middle-aged people who did not play sports in their young age are suffering from high tension, bad blood circulation and many more health issues. However, a sport keeps your body fit and in shape, it helps one to burn calories. It may be an amazing tool for weight reduction and would enhance ones looks in becoming smart and attractive. Another good reason for taking up a sport is that it transfers concentration skills, makes one learn to focus, develop goal setting skill, enhances psychomotor skills and gives stamina which helps both mind and body.

Ahmedabad offers sports tutoring for students in varied fields like Tennis, karate, swimming, basketball, football and not to forget our favorite cricket. For the first time learners, these facilities can be availed at Shreyas foundation, Gujarat College playground and at various private sports academies. Those who know the sports go and practice at various city clubs like Karnavati, Gymkhana, Rajpath and YMCA. In this summer heat when your body gets lethargic what better way to rejuvenate yourselves by indulging into some news sports.



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