The Ahmedabad Blog receives between 800-1000 page-views every day. 85% of these visitors are from Ahmedabad , which results in highly targeted local traffic.Our visitors are your potential customers/users/fans.


Stats :-

  • Page Views: 128834+
  • Facebook: 14000+
  • Alexa Rank:  52,546 (India)


If you think that a sponsored post on The Ahmedabad Blog can boost your brand, event or business, then you can write to us for the same and we can plan a sponsored post or a series of sponsored posts for you. We can work together for your brand in terms of creating visibility on our platform.


Sponsored posts or advertorials are usually in the form of an article (200 – 400 words) written by us and it contains photographs that you provide. We will promote your sponsored post on our website and Facebook pages. 


You can write to us at if you feel that we are the right platform for you to reach your target audience.


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    kush Reply

    Need advertisement quote

    Contact me ASAP.


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