Spinning Tomato's - One of a kind restaurant in Ahmedabad

Spinning Tomato’s: Food with a pinch of rock and roll

Guest Author: Preet Kaur

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” An apt use of the statement by Anna Wintour can be witnessed in  Ahmedabad by the Spinning Tomato restaurant group. This restaurant situated near Shaymal cross road, has its own magic. The first time when I heard about Spinning Tomato’s, I was a bit confused,  my friend then explained that the spin academy for dance has collaborated with the restaurant Tomato’s to introduce a theme of a great timeline showing the past decade in America with rock and roll, jazz,  movies, TV shows, basically Hollywood! The unusual concept of the original restaurant Tomato’s sets up a timeline on the walls of the restaurant that brings in  pictureque view that one can  glare at for hours. An interactive display of various paintings, posters and quotes makes the ambience delightful and transfers a joyful vibe. Recalling my visit to the restaurant, I was amazed at the idea of how the restaurant has an inbuilt wooden area where the dancers practice and on certain days you may also be able to witness some live performances. With such an energizing surroundings, one would enjoy not just the food but the great ambience to enlighten your mood as well as spirit. The interesting black and white checkerboard  patterned floor creates a sense of playfulness.

While the ambience keeps you busy, the menu card is generally waiting for you to explore various cuisines that the restaurant offers. Giving elite choices of dishes, the restaurant is widely known for its Mexican and Continental food. Of course the food has to be extraordinary for chef Pranav Joshi has established a “live kitchen” soon to be opening at Spinning Tomato’s. The food no doubt matches with the ambience; remarkable! It has a variety to present such as Italian, Tex-Mex, Pan-Asian, Indian and many more. Additionally, this jazzy restaurant also has a mini bar that serves mouth watering mock tails. Certainly the food is displayed and served in a sophisticated and creative manner. The menu has  an amazing assortment of food that can suffice to various taste buds and that makes Spinning Tomotoes a worth visiting place. 


Spinning Tomatoes - One of a kind restaurant in Ahmedabad

Spinning Tomato’s – One of a kind restaurant in Ahmedabad


Spinning Tomatoes interiors

Spinning Tomato’s interiors


Spinning Tomato's bright red interiors

Spinning Tomato’s bright red interiors and checkered flooring


Interesting wall decor at Spinning Tomato's

Interesting wall decor at Spinning Tomato’s


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