Soul of Japan Concert in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is witnessing its many First Time events this year, zombie rock concert , Ahmedabad rising  , & now a musical concert by Shamisen expert  Baisho Matsumoto  on 17th Feb at J B Auditorium , AMA. Japan foundation has chosen Ahmedabad as one of the three cities where it will bring its master musicians and artists in what is going to be a grand cultural extravaganza. While Gujarat-Japan relations are continuously seeing new heights with something or other new positive developments taking place almost every week, today was the day witnessing a musical event straight from the land of Japan. AhmedabadManagement Association (AMA) started its Centre for Indo-Japanese Relations last week with the aim to strengthen the ties between the two countries.

Shamisen is a traditional Japanese musical instrument. It is 3-stringed and played with a plectrum called bachi. Mr Baisho Matsumoto, a trained musician who has more than 35 years of professional music career in Japan. He has held many recitals in Asia, Europe and America and it is proud to have him perform in Aapnu Amdavad .

This concert was a beautiful event showing four main Japanese masters of traditional dance, drums, folksongs and Shamisen showcasing the versatile music and dance tradition of Japan. Joining Shamisen expert Baisho Matsumoto & folk singer Yoshimi Fujimoto , was Japanese dance master Akira Nishizaki & drummer Kyoko Hibiki . Akira’s dance featured ‘Sakura sakura’, an acclaimed piece depicting cherry blossoms, the country’s beloved springtime flower.

The AMA centre is focusing on promoting cooperative endeavors on Academic, Business and Cultural fronts between the two countries, & what better way to build up a bridge between the countries than a mesmerizing musical Japanese event.


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