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 When women decide to travel solo, it catches everyone’s attention. For both – the right and the wrong reasons! Thanks to movies like “Eat, Pray, Love”, the concept of women taking solo vacations is very popular these days. The movie has inspired hundreds of women to just pack their bags and see the world. On the flip side, there are certain unpleasant incidents against women that make them feel unsafe about travelling alone.

 So what exactly do women travellers think about travelling in India? Which cities do they think are safe? What does the solo women traveller about exploring Ahmedabad alone?

 According to the Solo women traveller survey 2013 conducted by TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site, 84% women claimed to have travelled alone for leisure, business or both. The survey undertaken among 500 female respondents is a mix of working women including a number of self-employed, as well as homemakers. The survey also brings to light the disturbing fact that 94% of the female respondents worry about their safety, always or at least sometimes, when they travel alone within India.

 Women respondents were asked which out of India’s 8 major cities they considered safest and least safe for women travelling alone. Mumbai came out on top as the city considered safest by a majority of 34% respondents. Ahmedabad and Bangalore were tied at a distant second with 12% votes each. Interestingly, when asked which state they considered safest, 27% respondents voted Maharashtra to be the safest state followed by Gujarat (15%).

Ahmedabad may still have not established itself as a tourist destination, but this survey proves that when women do think about visiting Ahmedabad, safety is not a concern!




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