Shreyas Folk Museum Ahmedabad

Guest Author: Hemal Mehta

 “Make craft not war!”

A simple yet an amazing statement that I can think of, as I write about Shreyas Folk Museum. There are a lot of museums in the world that glorify wars and bravery of its people and have artifacts from actual battlefields. In contrast, we have the Shreyas Folk Museum in Ahmedabad that promotes our artistic history!

The Shreyas Folk Museum was established in April 1977 near Ambavadi and it is here that colorful and traditional folk arts of Gujarat are curated carefully. The museum is governed by a private trust with a passion for traditional crafts and technology. The museum was founded as a tribute to the local artisans who to this very day preserve the culture of the state through their arts, crafts and performing arts and make Gujarat truly vibrant.

This museum is not only educational but also amusing as you get to see folk arts ranging from textile and clothing to the decorative collectibles. Art of many traditional and rural communities of Gujarat like kathi, rabari, charan, ahir, brahmins, banias, meghvals, bharvad, kanbi, koli, mer, Bhansali, rajputs, khojas, vohras, memons and the Miyanas have been studied at the museum and thus one can get a glimpse of exquisite artwork from each of these communities. Also, the photographic panels accompanied by textual description add value to the viewers experience and understanding of this wide collection.

If you wish to experience the true traditional rustic flavor and cultural heritage of Gujarat, head straight to this museum. The museum remains open from 10:30AM – 05:30 PM throughout the week except for on Mondays and on public holidays.



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