Wondering what is a perfect start to Diwali? Then here is the best event in Ahmedabad before Diwali. Kashma Kheskani, a school going regular teen came up with this extraordinary idea and shared with Nilambari Solanki, the owner of Bookman, Ahmedabad. As usual, Nilambari and Bookman were at her rescue and a quick fire event was organised in no time. All thanks to more than 20 kids of Nilambari (Pun intended!!)

Bookman has always believed in creating awareness about environment and staying true to their motive, they organized a rally to make this Diwali pollution-free and celebrate the festival in its real essence by spreading love, happiness and peace all around!

The rally started from Bookman, and was conducted from Vijay Char Rasta to Himalaya Mall. The rally mostly had everyone; from school students to mature people which were really eye catching. They had beautiful posters with some excellent messages like Keep the Sky Blue, Say no to crackers, Fire the idea of firing crackers, Green Diwali Happy Diwali, No crackers No Pollution and more. They caught the attention of everyone on the road with an anti-Shaadi-yet-Awesome dhol baaja band. The rally was in a great mood when they finally reached Himalaya Mall.

The crowd at Himalaya Mall got in groove when the kids from the rally started performing some fabulous dance moves on numbers like Tonight I am loving u, Oppa Gangnam Style etc and the in style Raghav’s famous Slow motion was performed by a team member and then they got the crowd dancing with them. Everyone from McDonalds, CCD, Crossword and other fellow visitors of the boring Himalaya Mall had some fun with the kids.

Who would be a better chief guest for this event other than Kaajal Oza Vaidya, an outstanding and prolific writer of Gujarati origin? She has written books in five languages and also writes for T.V soaps on ETV Gujarati, Star and Sony and has many regular columns in Gujarati newspapers and magazines. I am a novice in writing and it would not be wise if to say something for her, her greatness is well known and Amdavadis don’t need her introduction.

Along with Bookman, I personally feel that I am promoting pollution & noise free Diwali this year as sweets and lights are the best medium to celebrate the warmth of Diwali. No child or any individual would want to hurt anyone if they are guided in a proper way after all we are intelligent animals and harming others is no fun.

Now that’s what I call a perfect start to Diwali. This Diwali date a Pataka, don’t burst one .Good job Bookman, Good job Kids. Keep it up.







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    raghav Reply

    not good balki aap ko in sab ki bajha say no to crackers ke upar poster dalne chaiye.

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