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While passing through IIM road, I saw this place and I went inside. It was a small well lit yet elegant place. This was the best place for European styled sandwiches in Ahmedabad and  also had a chat with Himanshu Desai, the owner of this place. He shared a few words about this place which has many things to offer to their customers such as Club sandwiches, Coffees, Ice-creams, Shakes and Several varieties such as Egg Dosa’s, Shakshouka – a Tunisian dish cooked with a thick tomato onion sauce topped with eggs. The important thing was that they served their own favourite home recipes.

During the conversation, I saw a customer having something strange and I came to know that it was the Elvis Presley Sandwich – the most popular sandwich among the regular customers, containing the layers of nutella chocolate and peanut butter, and I knew that I just couldn’t make it myself.
This place is Wi-Fi enabled and you can even charge your laptops and mobile phones as every table has a switchboard underneath, and in case if you don’t have one, they will provide you. Unfortunately, this place has fewer varieties to offer for vegetarian foodies. But , an amdavadi who has a thing for new places must visit this splendid place.






Article contribution : Karan Tulsani



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