Trains at Sabarmati Junction Railway Station

Sabarmati Junction Railway Station

Guest Author: Craft’ature 

The ‘chhuk chhuk gaadi’ which we all used to fantasize and play after still allures me. & to catch a glimpse of it me and my friend bought the platform ticket and headed straight towards the mid platform stairs, from wherein atop we could see the world running on.

Served by the Western Railways, the Sabarmati railway station is a very normal and an uncrowded station. Not that, people don’t cram it, but then too the station somehow is attractive and super serene. It does serve both metre-gauge track on Mehsana route and main broad-gauge line for all trains departing from Ahmedabad; but nevertheless still its beauty beautifies my senses. What lured me was the greenery which lashed around it. Like during Ramaḍān month the way a mosque is enveloped by people offering namaz, similarly this junction is absolutely absorbed in greenery!! A scene your mind can’t forget; a sight you can’t believe!

Sabarmati Junction situated just six kilometers away from main Ahmedabad Railway Station

Sabarmati Junction situated just six kilometers away from main Ahmedabad Railway Station

Railway tracks remind me of my drawing skills. I could never draw a straight line without a curve. As straight as a railway track!! Since my childhood I have preferred to travel through trains. Journeys of all sorts. People from all backdrop. Landscapes unseen, unimagined.

The Sabarmati Railway station is always brimming with scenic stories. Voyagers departing and arriving; vendors skimming around; officers patrolling; and visitors visiting it for planned and unplanned trips. Visitors like us, buying platform tickets and grabbing the sightful sights!!

& whoa! For the first time I spotted a yellow colored engine. Certainly it was an eye popping sight for me because I have always seen an auburn colored engine. So colorful it seemed that actually with the backdrop of flourishing green thicket this yellow contrasted the picturesque. Worth a lifetime.

This random visit made me wonder of life’s plans. The planned and the unplanned. Can it ever be perfect or punctual like the schedule that every train runs on???? Will you and I enjoy its punctuality?? May be yes or maybe a no for it. Or maybe an amalgamation of both of it! What say??

Monsoon the season and its myriad flavors. It simply paints green. And considering this time’s sanctified shower of unending rains which Amdavad witnessed, it actually brought a green break to my thinking capacity. A stopover at the Sabarmati Railway station and my gateway to a pool of imagination & memories; discovering & conclusions; wondering & wondering.

Trains at Sabarmati Junction Railway Station

Trains at Sabarmati Junction Railway Station

Before I exited it, a train entered the station;  I waved to an officer to which he laughed back. And I was elated!!

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    Chintan Varma Reply

    Nice 🙂
    I use Sabarmati Jn Railway station whenever a train I’ve to board or get off, has a stop here.

      craftature Reply

      Thank you chintan for your comment. I am sure you would agree wid me, the station is really serene.. 🙂 God bless!

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