Round Table Car Rally Ahmedabad(2013)

 If you have dreamed of participating in a car rally in Ahmedabad, this is your chance. Of course, this Round Table Car Rally has an element of twist in it.

 The Round Table Car Rally is a unique charity event organized by Blind People’s Association on Sunday, 17th February 2013. The crux of the event is that you get to drive around the city while a blind person will navigate you. The objective of this event is multifold. Firstly, it provides the participants with a feeling of adventure and thrill and secondly, you get an insight into the challenges faced by blind people and how efficiently they use their skills in reading Braille.

 This rally requires a lot of skills from its participants. You need to not only have good driving skills and a sense of direction but you also need to have the ability of mental arithmetic and great listening skills.  It will test your skills as a driver but your success will be determined by the temperament and determination of your navigator.

The rally covers a distance of 80 kms in total and participants will be given a road map written in Braille at the beginning of the competition. The visually impaired navigator will direct the way to reach the goal. The duo will not only have to make their way through busy streets of the city but also find the proper route in the countryside before returning to the starting point.

 If you are ready to grease your mind, pump your heart and revitalize your soul, this car rally is waiting for you. You can register yourself at Blind People’s Association before 16th February 2013 by making a donation of Rs. 1100 per car. The rally begins the following day at 8.00 AM. The proceeds from the Car Rally will go towards donation to BPA and building school for the underprivileged children in Ahmedabad.

 You can visit their official website for additional information:





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