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Fresh Roast is a restaurant situated on the busy Paldi cross roads. The moment, you enter in, you will forget that you are in Ahmedabad. Surrounded by lush green trees, plants, and a fountain – Fresh roast is a perfect for cozy and romantic dinners.

The restaurant owner explains Fresh Roast as, “Corporate suites is a 94 year old property. The property of Dalal family and was built in 1921 by Manibhai Dalal. It has hosted many freedom fighters and Gujarati literature connoisseurs and poets like Jay Bikhu, Chandravadan Chimanlal Mehta, and Jyotindra Dave. Since 2008, a corporate suite is open for commercial stay and is recognized as one of the three heritage properties to stay in Ahmedabad. It has one of the finest restaurants in Ahmedabad which serves varied cuisines from Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, South Indian and authentic.”

Once there, I tried their Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Lava Lava Mocktail, Pizza Romanio, Fusili Aglio Oglio Pasta, Jalapeno Cheese Wraps and Red Thai Curry and Herb Rice.

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The Broccoli Cheddar soup tasted lovely and is a great starter for the lovely dinner. I liked the way it was blended together. The soup consistency made it easily melt in my mouth. The creaminess was perfect and the richness made it a wonderful experience.

Later came Jalapeno Cheese Wraps with Lava Lava Mocktail. These two things, though had different taste, but proved a refreshing combination. The Jalapeno Cheese Wraps were deep-fried and filled with cheese, jalapenos, and cream. In taste, they were superb. I would not say they were out of the world but awesome! The Lava Lava Mocktail came to us in the same way, as its name. It bubbled, buzzed, and proved to be a perfect quencher. The best part was that it was topped with chopped apples.

The thin crust Pizza Romanio gave a tasteful crunch to the dish and the fresh herbs did the trick. The Fusili Aglio Oglio Pasta had been just like other Pastas, nothing unique in the taste or the sauce. They were just heavier since the sauce used was thick and heavy.

Last but not the least, Red Thai Curry and Herb Rice were yet another dish to relish in. The rice was perfectly blended with rice and could be felt in each bite. A truly blast of flavors in mouth! The Red Thai curry was, once again, the usual like other recipes in restaurants.

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Overall, it was a lovely experience there. The one thing notable in Fresh Roast is their quality and quantity. They certainly do not compromise on it. Every dish was heavy if I say, as the quality was superb. The creamy texture made the visit worthwhile.

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Nikita Dudani

Nikita Dudani feels she has been born to write. Every experience, feelings and emotions make way through her pen. She is also a poet, author and a hard core foodie.'

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Nikita Dudani feels she has been born to write. Every experience, feelings and emotions make way through her pen. She is also a poet, author and a hard core foodie.

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