Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, the world famous Pakistani militant who scared the Hell out of Mumbaikars and the entire nation on 26th November, 2008 was finally hanged till death.

Now, the thing is should we take pride? As an Indian, yes I should take pride and applaud the Indian Government for their valiant effort no matter it came a little late but it did come. A question comes to my mind, whether he was dead when reports came in that Kasab is suffering from Dengue? (Salute the mosquito, which did it what Government of India couldn’t). And the Indian Government, carried out a political stunt before the upcoming elections just to secure the Vote Bank.

The Government of Pakistan initially denied that Kasab was the citizen of Pakistan but in January 2009, it had no choice but to accept the fact that Kasab was the spoilt child of a never-to-be-believed-always-fake Pakistan. The Pakistan government also refused to take his body now (Bad Luck Kasab)

As Gujarat Chief Minister said in a T.V interview that Pakistan should be answered in the way they understand (Laaton ke Bhoot baton se nahi sudharte) and Government of India should not explain Pakistan through love letters. Nor, the govt. Of India should have gone to the United States of America seeking refuge from their govt. Did they come to India when 9/11 took place, did Pakistan come to India when they caught hold of Sarabjit Singh? Then why India has to bear the Bullshit.

He was found guilty of 80 offences, including waging war against the nation, which is punishable by the death penalty. Kasab’s death sentence was upheld by the Bombay High Court on 21 February 2011.The verdict was upheld by the Supreme Court of India on 29 August 2012, and he was hanged on 21 November 2012 at 7:30 A.M. All this happened or said to be happened when President Pranab Mukherji rejected the terrorist’s plea on 5th November, 2012. What took Operation X (Kasab’s operation) took 15 days to execute? Where they afraid of Pakistan, or where they just waiting for the right time? Kasab did not have any last wish, nor was he supposed to have one? After living his life king size in India, a life which he could never have seen in his own country.

Why the Indian govt. wasted crores of rupees behind a novice like Kasab, why he was hanged in private, why politics always play the spoilt sport is a raging concern among the youth of the nation. This incident is one more reason why the Indian youth is running away from Dirty Politics.

Last words of Kasab were: “Allah Kasam aisi galti fir kabhi nahi hogi, Allah mujhe maaf kare” All this is utter nonsense, by a man who showed no mercy while killing so many innocent people after being brain washed. He had the audacity to plea for mercy, had he been in Pakistan he would have been killed on 26th November, 2008.

The man who should be honoured today: the one who captured him, Asst Sub Inspector Tukaram Omble. Take a minute to remember him ,Sandeep Unnikrishnan,and NSG Sunil Yadav.

 Hate you Kasab, Hate you Pakistan, Indian government (well no comments).



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