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Rani Sipri’s Mosque Ahmedabad

Islamic history is filled with gifted architects and Rani Sipri’s Mosque in Ahmedabad is a proof of this cherished and beautiful architectural tradition.

Rani Sipri’s Mosque or popularly known as Rani Sipri ni Masjid is a timeless gem in the walled city. Queen Sipri, the Hindu wife of the Sultan of Gujarat, commissioned the mosque in 1514 AD. And thus, this mosque throws light onto the inter-religious marriages in those times that were common among Indian royalty.

A truly magnificent and ornate mosque, it is also known as Masjid-e-Nagina i.e. Jewel of a mosque. Despite being small with a height of 50ft and length of 54ft, it nevertheless always impresses the onlooker with intricate cravings on its walls. The columns in the mosque are a reflection of the beautiful craftsmanship of the bygone era. A separate area of worship, for the women called, ‘Jenana’ is located upstairs.

Though it’s a heritage monument, the mosque is still in active use and you can visit it if you are close to Astodia Darwaja. 


Photo © Jay Thakkar | Rani Sipri Mosque
Photo © Jay Thakkar | Rani Sipri Mosque

For more photographs of Rani Sipri’s Mosque, click here.

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