R.I.P Bal Thackeray , R.I.P Maharashtra!

Bal Thackeray popularly addressed as Balasaheb Thackeray and Hindu Hriday Samraat by his followers, died on 17th Nov, 2012 and left the nation with a major controversy of whether he was dead on 14th Nov when he was hospitalised and was on Life supporting system and it was converted into a High-Voltage Political Drama. But, according to sources the Mighty Marathi Tiger breathed his last on 17th Nov, 2012 at 3:30pm and supposedly died due to a Cardiac arrest and pancreatic disease.

Balasaheb Thackeray, an eminent cartoonist and the founder of Shiv Sena in 1966 was one of the most influential people of all times. What he has given to Mumbai and mumbaikars will remain in their hearts forever. He was always against the Muslims and a true national leader whom the nation loved and respected. Everyone in Mumbai, would once in their life have felt the need, urge, fear or threat of the Shiv Sena supremo.There is one memorable achievement of Balasaheb Thackeray. Terrorists in Kashmir once said no Amarnath Yatra. In that case, Bal said, no Haj through Mumbai. Problem solved with ease.

It is an assumption that almost twenty lac Shiv Sena followers joined the final procession and 20,000 police officials were posted on duty for what was called to be the political extravaganza of 2012. Balasaheab Thackeray was wrapped in the tri-colour and his iconic black glares never left him even on the D-Day.

With all due respect of Balasaheb ji, the Thackeray family and sentiments of Mumbaikars, is it really apt for the financial capital of the country to stay shut for a long duration? I don’t think so. Mumbaikars, tagged as the practical beings of the nation mourns in silence and stay indoors, shut their business off, can’t drive in a cab. Hundreds of people will be serious today , what about providing Health care support to them, what about the thousands of pregnant women of Mumbai, what is my fault if I am a Mumbaikar and have prepared for days for the CTET and a national leader’s death coincides with my exam and all I know is the exam is postponed. What is the fault of thousands of businessmen who came to the financial capital only to know that Mumbai will stay shut for a day or two.

What if I am on a holiday to Mumbai and I have to stay in my hotel room just because Mumbaikars bid adieu to their beloved leader. Today if the father dies, his son has to be in the office the next day as the company can offer sympathy but can’t give some time off. We Indians have a reputation of converting national grief into national calamities and have a chance to enjoy a holiday.

Is it really important to shut down entire Maharashtra just because they lost a leader like Balasaheb Thackeray? How about people being forced down to close down their shops and business in fear more than respect and love? It’s a shame.

I am afraid if Mumbaikars don’t command a National Holiday on 17th Nov, 2012. My heart bleeds to see the nation follow age old tradition when the world is at its end. It was as if Mumbaikars were cremating Mumbai and not Balasaheb Thackeray.

If I was in Mumbai and if this thing leaks out, 18th Nov 2012 will be my last day on earth and my family will not have more than a few relatives and friends to mourn.

Such nonsense is tolerated nationally only in India, still we proudly say ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’, ‘Jai Maharashtra’ and more nonsense. I am happy not to be a part of this incident. My heart bleeds when something like this occurs.

R.I.P Balasaheb Thackeray (aap ka koi kasoor nai hai sir, we have a nation full of idiots), R.I.P Maharashtra (If you know what I mean)!!




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