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Print memories with PrintAJoy

Instagram is a wonderful social platform to click, save and share your memories with the world. Even if you are not an expert at photography, the filters work their magic and almost every picture becomes a keepsake. Every since I joined Instagram, I had the urge to get atleast some of my photographs printed. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find a brand in India that printed Instagram photographs. Disappointed, I envied all foreign websites that promoted Instagram prints.

And then one day, I discovered PrintAJoy! PrintAJoy is an Ahmedabad based Instagram print brand launched by three friends Jayneil Dalal, Kishan Thobhani and Sohil Patel. In simple words, PrintAJoy is the simplest way to print Instagram photos.

PrintAJoy: India's first affordable, online printing solution that converts your Instagram photos into beautiful square prints!
PrintAJoy: India’s first affordable, online printing solution that converts your Instagram photos into beautiful square prints!

If you have an Instagram account, then you can sign in at PrintAJoy.com to select the photographs that you wish to print. You can either select to print the pictures that you have uploaded or you have liked. You can either opt for square prints on fine quality matte paper or square stickers with matte finish on Vinyl.

PrintAJoy: Select Instagram images to print
PrintAJoy: Select Instagram images to print

The square prints are called Box of Joy wherein you can either print 10 or 20 Instagram images for Rs. 179 or Rs.279. The Instagram photo stickers are called Box of Bonding and cost Rs. 179 for 20 stickers.  

PrintAJoy: Box of Joy
PrintAJoy: Box of Joy
PrintAJoy: Box of bonding
PrintAJoy: Box of bonding

The Ahmedabad Blog connected with the PrintAJoy team to understand their brand and services better:

Give us a brief about PrintAJoy.com

Imagine all your Instagram memories coming alive with the same emotions and candidness with which they were taken. We at PrintAJoy try to sum up all those memories in a beautiful box full of joy, so that you can cherish each of those moments again and again. With PrintAJoy, your Instagram pictures would mean much more especially because now you can actually feel them. 

We believe that a brand name not only defines what you do, but also why you do it. With PrintAJoy we always wanted to print joys and memories of peoples and not just pictures. For us, the smiles of our customers are our ultimate reward.

Give us a brief about the founders at  PrintAJoy.com

We are three co-founders at PrintAJoy – Jayneil Dalal, Kishan Thobhani and Sohil Patel.

Sohil take care of the logistics, Kishan takes care of design and development and Jayneil looks after the media relations.

What makes PrintAJoy unique

Instead of unique, I would rather say what makes it beautiful. 

With this thought in mind, we researched and came across Polaroids. If you ask your grandpa about Polaroids, you will definitely see the change in emotions. In a similar manner, PrintAJoy prints make sure that the essence of memories stays intact and touches your hearts. 🙂

You are crowd funded. Tell us how and why did you go about funding from the public. 

With the idea of the startup in place, one big question that we had yet to answer was money. How were we going to finance our startup? There were 3 options in our case – bootstrap, crowd fund or raise VC money. The option of crowd funding seemed very attractive and enticing. We had been following the crowd funding scene quite closely and it was amazing to see so many startups being launched via the same or brilliant ideas getting sufficient cash to turn into reality. Instagram printing is also a creative project in its own accord. So, we felt that by opting for crowd funding, we can connect with our beta buyers, get their feedback and hence improve our products as well as get some initial traction. Hence, it was decided that we would launch a crowd funding campaign on Wishberry. Through crowd funding, we found many like-minded people who believed in us.

Can you share your experiences until now. How has the reaction been of the people who get their Instagram pictures printed?

Overwhelming. Almost everyone has written us back. And only reply we could think of was “WE LOVE YOU”. Some of them even replied “MUTUAL LOVE” =)

What is the biggest hurdle you have faced or are still facing?

Really bad courier service.

What are your future plans? 

We are working on upload feature after popular demand. And yes also a marketplace.

One piece of advice for Amdavadi entrepreneurs

We love our idea and keep it beautiful by a great customer service and being nice. Being nice is very much under-rated. You should try it. 


The team at PrintAJoy is indeed really nice and they have offered a 10% off to all Ahmedabad Blog readers. Simply enter the coupon code: ahmedabadblog to avail the discount!

We are thankful to  PrintAJoy team for their wonderful gesture and we wish them the very best for the future!

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