Exclusive Interview: Meghdhanush Band

Photo Courtesy Official Facebook Page Of Meghdhanush | Meghdhanush Band Members (L to R): Jigar Gadhavi, Jainam Modi, Dhaivat Jani and Karan Patel

It is easy to find a wedding band in Ahmedabad, but what about a Hindi Rock Band? The Ahmedabad Blog came across one such band which has been active since late 2009! We are talking about Meghdhanush -  a Hindi Rock band that believes in making original soulful music. The Ahmedabad ...

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Petition: Ahmedabad ‘JAALI’

The Ahmedabad 'jaali' in the Sidi Saiyyad Mosque is the most iconic image of Ahmedabad. Yet, the state of affairs around the mosque is sad. Stuti Saxena decided to take some action to improve the current conditions and has started a petition to beautify, preserve and maintain the famous Ahmedabad ...

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Red Bull Tour Bus makes its way to Ahmedabad

Red Bull Tour Bus West Zone Ahmedabad

Red Bull Tour Bus is all set to make some noise in Ahmedabad on October 10th 2013 at MICA. Music lovers are invited to catch the opening act by three-piece alternative rock band Unohu; followed by indie music stalwarts from Kolkata The Supersonics are taking centre-stage and performing on the ...

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Be The Change Conference 2013

Photo Credits: Design For Change Website | Be The Change Conference 2013

Guest Author: Harshil Vyas Last weekend, Kiran Bir Sethi, founder of Riverside School, hosted the second ever ‘Be The Change Conference’ on 28th and 29th September on the campus of the National Institute of Design. The ‘Be The Change Conference’ is an annual event of the Riverside initiative - Design ...

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