Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi

Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi: A Gujju comedy film

Urban Gujarati films are definitely a trend that we are seeing in Ahmedabad. Filmmakers are now trying to experiment with different genres within the scope of urban films.  Gujarati film 'Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi' is exactly that. Based on the concept of homosexuality, Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi is a 'Gujju comedy film' directed by Dinesh ...

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Prakash Higher Secondary School (PHSS)

Prakash Higher Secondary School Ahmedabad

We recently ranked Prakash Higher Secondary School (PHSS) in the top 10 CBSE schools in Ahmedabad list and now we will give you more details about the school.  Prakash Higher Secondary School  was established in 1971 and it completed 40 years of its educational journey in 2011.It is run by ...

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Vintage Car Rally in Ahmedabad

Photo © Hemil (Roy) Shah | Vintage car rally in Ahmedabad

As a part of the World Heritage Week, The Gujarat Vintage and Classic Car Club organised a Vintage Car Rally in Ahmedabad. The rally consisted of 25 vintage cars which included 1962 Chevrolet Impala, 1947 Buick-8 Roadmaster, 1947 Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster, 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, 1967 Fiat 1500, 1971 Compact Mercedes w115, 1949 ...

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Exclusive Interview: Chakri Originals

Chakri Originals cooperates with Indian farmers to serve you premium quality products straight from the origin.

The trend for organic food and natural ways of life has been on a rise in Ahmedabad. This trend also brings in a new range of opportunities for entrepreneurs who are keen on setting up startups with social impact.One such Ahmedabad based startup is Chakri Originals. Chakri Originals supports salt farmers ...

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The Heritage Film Festival: Award Ceremony

Film Poster: Thathera

In the past one week, The Heritage Film Festival showcased numerous films that were sent by filmmakers from different part of the world. Today, they announced the 6 winners who sent in the best films at this festival based on the theme of  ‘Visual Narrative Arts & Handicrafts’. The winners ...

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