Art Show: Rethinking Swadeshi

Rethinking Swadeshi by Sajal Sarkar at Marvel Art Gallery

They say, "Stand up for something, even if it means standing alone. Because often, the one who flies solo has the strongest wings."  Perhaps this was the sentiment that motivated Mahatma Gandhi to lead the Swadeshi Movement and it is the same sentiment that artist Sajal Sasanka Sarkar has represented in ...

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Food Review: Love For Salad

Love for Salad: Fresh salad meals at reasonable rates delivered anywhere

Every office and college in Ahmedabad has the same story. Amdavadis skipping breakfast and rushing to colleges or their workplaces. By the time it's lunch time, their hunger pangs are out of control and the only thing on the mind is food. You pick food brochures of famous eateries in ...

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Food Review: VarieTea

VarieTea: A paradise for teal lovers in Ahmedabad

The Marketing Professor at our college demonstrated last week about selling 'experiences'. Why would I, or anybody for that matter, buy a fancy chai from a fancy place at an even fancier price, when I could easily have a normal masala chai at a normal price from the building ke ...

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Cultural Event: Dance Residency – Ahmedabad

Dance Residency: Idiomas (Indo-French Dance Project) by Vaishali Trivedi & Sébastien Vela Lopez

Guest Author: Craft’ature 23 January 2014 was indeed an auspicious day. So very auspicious that millions of marriages took place. Literally! Throughout the day (& even night) I could see and hear band baaja baraat thronging every street and cross road of Ahmedabad. Marriage is the time when you being the ...

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