Photo Courtesy: CEPT University Facebook Page | Cept Univeristy Navratri Decor

Navratri – The Longest Dance Festival as CEPT Celebrates it

Guest Author: Tanushree Charan

It is the favourite time of the year for many CEPTians as Navratri, 2013 is here starting from the 4th of October.

Preparations start days in advance, with students bringing out exquisite ideas for lamps and installations. The ambience during Navratri is one of the key features that lures people all over Ahmedabad to do Garba on the CEPT grounds. The college comes alive with students working day and night, arranging everything right from the security, to the lighting, the food stalls, the music, to the leveling of the ground, all done by students.

It is always fascinating to see what new designs the thinking caps of CEPT come up with.

As soon as one enters the gate, one is greeted by rows and rows of beautiful lamps, illuminating the place. Each nook and corner is bound to surprise you. Pumpkin shaped lamps hanging from the tree, tunnels emerging from the building, which glow from the inside, beautifully crafted origami lamps and paper swans, all create a mystical feeling. One is transported to another world with warm smiling faces, eager to do Garba all around.

Photo Courtesy: CEPT University Facebook Page | Cept Univeristy Navratri Decor

Photo Courtesy: CEPT University Facebook Page | Cept Univeristy Navratri Decor

The Garba starts around 9:30 with the Dhol and popular Gujarati Garba songs, sung live by the Mandli, that set your feet into motion.

The unique feature of Garba in CEPT is the ‘CEPT step’, which goes back to the inception of the college, some 50 years back. This step is strictly followed in the campus with little variations. The whole ground sways unanimously to the beats creating a whole new experience. The step is quite simple, and easy for beginners to pick up. Colourful dresses flowing in unison are a treat for the eyes. Dancing together is a liberating feeling, and one is lost in trance. To get back some of the energy lost, there is an ample variety of food stalls in the college canteen ranging from cupcakes, gelatos, to chaat, food salads, pizzas and sandwiches

Another addition to the festivities this year is the ‘CEPT Store’, a new venture by the students to display their creations, which are up for sale. It is like a tiny window into the boundless creativity one can find at CEPT. You can pick up your favourite lamp, or an attractive wall hanging, a wall clock or even printed palazzos, all hand crafted. It also offers breath-taking paintings made by some of the students ranging from a price of 5 to 10 thousand.

The CEPT Garba is open to outsiders on selected dates as well as to the alumni, NID, NIFT students

All in all I would say Navratri at CEPT is a surreal experience, which leaves you with a lot of memories. I, for one would not miss these 9 days of Garba in CEPT for anything in this world. 

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