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Mount Carmel High School

Mount Carmel School was established on 18th January 1923, which makes it one of the oldest convent schools in Gujarat! It is an all girls’ school that provides K-12 Education under the Gujarat State Education board curriculum.

The school has two campuses in Ahmedabad, with the primary school located in Khanpur and the high school located in Navrangpura near Ashram Road. Historically speaking, the school started with just 4 classes and 20 students in a building in Mirzapur. As the student strength grew, the school moved to a building on the banks of the Sabarmati River in Shahibaug. It was in 1938, the school moved to its current building. Since then, a lot of additions have been made to this building to match the growing student strength.

The school’s infrastructure boasts of a basketball court, a rich library, a science lab, computer lab, prayer room, drawing room and an audiovisual room. This infrastructure is well utilized for various activities such as book exhibitions, science fairs, festival celebrations etc.

The school follows a strict code of conduct. Refinement of manners, habits of obedience, order, punctuality and neatness in person and dress are expected at all times from students. Thus, making it one of the best all girls schools in Ahmedabad!

They say, good teachers teach but great teachers inspire! That’s what the teachers at this school are set out to achieve. Students at Mount Carmel School are not only provided with the best education in classrooms but are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities as well. Apart from sports, which is emphasized in most schools, this school stresses on social awareness and compassion and therefore the students are involved in clubs such as social service club, eco club, girl’s guides and actively share a part of their time at orphanages, old age homes and blind schools. Studying at this school compels students to use their education to change the world!

The school also has an alumni association, which meets on a regular basis to relive the magical days of school with friends, classmates and beloved teachers!

The beautiful thing about learning from a school like Mount Carmel is that this enriching experience stays with you for a lifetime!

Article Contribution : Hemal Mehta




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