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Mirror Talent Hunt

Another opportunity is knocking on the doors of Ahmedabad’s colleges; a chance to shine, to showcase talent, Ahmedabad Mirror is celebrating its mark of 5 glorious years by launching College Talent Hunt in the city with United World School of Business as their co-partner.

They are going to visit all the premier colleges and give a chance to every individual to showcase their talent and it is not limited to just singing & dance, any type of talent or skill anybody has would be appreciated and the student will be selected.

The judges panel is made of 3 members, 2 of them belong to the background of Art & Culture & are very prominent faces in their field, while the 3rd member would belong to the same institute. Students can participate as solo or as a group. The main factor for selection would be to catch judges’ eyes & that would lead to semi-final.

The semi final & final rounds would be judged by famous celebrities, & the students reaching this round would be awarded with surprise prizes & certificates. So it’s going to be pretty exciting as there are no certain rules abiding it neither is there any pre-announced prize. All in a whole is a surprise package.

Even if the college is missed out, students can join them through facebook page:

For more details keep checking the updates of Ahmedabad Mirror as well as college notice board.

Article Contribution : Shammee


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