Mirch Masala Restaurant

The entire world has changed the definition of Punjabi food and so was the case in Ahmedabad too. They thought Punjabis always eat the extra oily, extra fatty food and no matter what there is paneer in every dish they eat.

Ahmedabad should thank Mirch Masala to break that jinx and providing the citizens authentic Punjabi food with a blend of Bollywood added to it.

In September 1992, Mirch Masala opened its gates in the city as the first theme bases restaurant in the city and from there onwards there is no looking back for this ever growing franchise.

Not only a commoner’s delight this place has also attracted the eyes of many celebrities coming to the city for some promotions or ads like Harbhajan Singh, Boman Irani, Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Ranbir Kapoor and more.

Mirch Masala always offers a hefty discount on its anniversary, but other than that the menu here is very costly. This place has the ambience of an urban dhaba but the prices are too much to ask for.

The specialities at Mirch Masala are Papad de Kebab for starters, Balti Paneer, Kadhai Chhole and Stuffed Cheese Paratha for the main course and Gulab Jamun for the dessert and we tell you a secret about this place, never miss the Masala Chhaas of Mirch Masala. This place also offers a good non-veg menu.

Doesn’t matter whether you are new in the city or an oldie, Mirch Masala will delight your tummies any day from Monday to Sunday, so take a ride and enjoy at your nearest Mirch Masala outlet.





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    Very glad to know about Mirch Masala Restaurants. I will plan for visit to your restaurants with my friends & taste your delicious food.

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