Ahmedabad Blogger and fashionista: Juhi Bansal

Look Hotter than the Weather!

Guest Author: Juhi Bansal
Makeup Tips from Fashion Blogger Juhi Bansal

Makeup Tips from Fashion Blogger Juhi Bansal

The weirdest things I’ve heard in a long time-“its hot for me to step out wearing makeup!”

With the mercury soaring to forties in aapnu Amdavad, I see a lot of women preferring the no makeup look. While I am all for natural beauty, I see no reason why you should not look sexy and fun every day of the year!

Here are a few tips on how you can apply a combination of matte and velvety make up all through the summer season no matter what the temperature is and what brands to buy, all in under Rs.1200! After all why should you let the weather win in the hotness department!

Ahmedabad Blogger and fashionista: Juhi Bansal

Juhi Bansal: Ahmedabad Blogger and Fashionista

Step I

Prepping is the most essential step to applying makeup. Now usually you would apply a primer, moisturizer, sunscreen and a foundation to prep your skin. What if you could do all this using one product!

Our Pick: Try the Lotus Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock. It’s a sunscreen, BB cream and primer (for mattifying effect) all rolled into one! It’s non- greasy, light and easy on the pocket at Rs.225/-.

Tip: For better results, do this after cleaning and scrubbing your face.

While most people can stop at this step, you could add another layer of matte by applying a very thin coat of compact.

Our Pick: Maybelline Clear Glow all in one Compact Powder is available in 5 different colors and costs Rs.175/- only.

Tip: Make sure the compact shade is as close to your skin color as possible. Rather than a swatch test on your hand, try using the product on your face to make sure it blends in.


Step II

During the day I like to keep it simple and so I believe in applying either eyeliner or Kajal and not both. A liquid liner in this case may end up getting smudged so your best bet is a pencil.

Our Pick: Try the Colossal Kajal by Maybelline for both the eyeliner and the Kajal. (Available for Rs.175/-). If you want to spice it up, use colored eye pencils in blue, green or silver! (Try Colorbar I-define at Rs.325/- only) 

Tip: Start with a thinner line on the eyelid. You can always thicken it later if you want.

Since we are keeping it simple and light I suggest skipping the mascara.


Step III

Now comes the most fun part! Apply a funky hot pink or stylish coral shade of lipstick in a matte finish and you are all set (well almost)! The best way to apply lipstick is with the help of a brush. Apply a second coat, if necessary. Spread it using your fingertip to blend in the lipstick. Use Q-tip on the corners to remove excess product. Make sure your teeth are not stained.

Our Pick: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick available for Rs. 275/- only. Shades Obsessed Orange (60) and Pretty Please (79) 


Glossy to Matte: If you already have a glossy lipstick and are not in a mood to spend on a new matte one, just dab a tissue paper on the lips and use your fingertip to blend it.

Matte to Glossy: If your lips feel too dry, apply a coat of lip balm or petroleum jelly to give a slight gloss. 

If you want a little color on your cheeks, stain the cheekbones with a fingertip of lipstick and blend it upwards in a circular motion for a rosy hue.


Step IV

Color your nails in a shade different from your lipstick for a quirky yet sartorial look.

Our Pick: Try the Colorbar Exclusive Collection Nail Polish in shades Pink Lady (94) or Bloody Mary (98) available for Rs. 175/- only.

Tip: For the second coat use a transparent varnish rather than the same shade for a glossy and lasting effect.


Step V

All this and a side braid or a high pony tail and you are all set for your coffee date or lunch meeting. So ladies go all out and look your best… don’t let the weather beat the stylish you!

Tip: To take off the make up at night, use Johnson’s Baby Cream.


PS. Remember, all this is going to last you atleast 6 months, so it’s actually an investment into looking and feeling like a diva. 

Get all the above online at Flipkart.com or Nykaa.com. All these products are also available at Smruti Selections on CG Road in aapnu Ahmedabad.


About the author: Juhi Bansal is an Ahmedabad based Fashion Blogger and blogs at ClosetBuddies. To know more about her, you can read her interview here

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