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Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi

Urban Gujarati films are definitely a trend that we are seeing in Ahmedabad. Filmmakers are now trying to experiment with different genres within the scope of urban films.  Gujarati film ‘Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi’ is exactly that.

Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi: Film Poster
Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi: Film Poster

Based on the concept of homosexuality, Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi is a ‘Gujju comedy film’ directed by Dinesh Avasthi (Raja Bhai). The central character of the movie is hesitant to marry a girl of his parents’ choice and unwittingly ends up telling her that he is a gay. But he has to keep reminding her ‘koi ne kaish nahi’. And hence the movie’s title. The movie stars actors such as stars actor Tiku Talsania, Bhavini Gandhi, Nayan Shukla, Soham Master, Kalyani Thakker and Jitu Pandya. Prominent singers Aishwarya Majmudar and Parthiv Gohil too have sung songs for this film. The movie is shot in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot. 

Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi: A Gujju comedy film
Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi: A Gujju comedy film

What makes this movie special is not just it’s theme or concept. But the director of the film is equally special – Mr. Dinesh Avasthi. He is not only the film’s director but is also a priest at Ahmedabad’s famous Bhadrakali temple.  Infact, if you are a regular at the Bhadrakali temple in Ahmedabad, you may have seen him perform aarti and daily rituals at the temple. 

Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi Film Director: Dinesh Avasthi
Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi Film Director: Dinesh Avasthi

The Ahmedabad Blog connected with Dinesh Avasthi to understand how he manges his dual roles i.e. of a priest and of a film director. He says, “We are 5 brothers and each of us manage the priestly duties for 3 months in a year. Thus, in the remaining 9 months we are free to pursue other careers.” 

Talking about his film, he says, “First and foremost,  Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi is a Gujarati modern film. It is a film of today, city based film and fun entertaining film. The plot is pretty interesting that the younger generation will like, there haven’t been filmed that caters youth and this movie exactly does that. The film is about when someone lies to someone and the kind of comedy situation that is created out of it. It depicts a young generation which lies easily to avoid particular situation and get caught in a web of lies. It is interesting to watch how they handle it and the situational comedy which arises from it.”

Talking about the homosexuality theme in his movie, he adds further, “Gay does not mean they are bad people. The film is made for compete fun. Our culture is still not open to these relationships and that’s why I thought of making a movie on this theme.”

He signs off with a piece of advice for aspiring directors and actors, “Don’t make a movie if you don’t have a marketing budget. Make films that you are passionate about but also be ready to have a good marketing strategy. For actors, my advice is be passionate about your work. Acting is a full time job, not a part time activity.”

Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi is releasing on 29th Novemeber 2013. Catch it in a theatre near you home!

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