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• Kitty Culture, an exclusive venue for women oriented functions.

• Kitty culture is utterly equipped with the flexible furniture that can be re-designed as per one’s convenience.

• From 360 degree to 90 degree, the flexible furniture can be given any bizarre shape.

• Such capabilities enable kitty partiers get additional space to make them play games, or to accommodate more number of people.

• Not only this, kitty culture is also equipped with central AC, microwave, refrigerator and many other appliances including a home theatre to watch movies/videos while having lunch/dinner.

• A variety of food is served that varies according to the package one selects based on their needs.

• Moreover, kitty culture enable partiers to utilize their database of more than 500 games so that the kitty could come and have fun with new games every time they come and party.

• To make the venue sound fully professional kitty culture provides the games co-ordinator who would be present all the time to make the kitty play games.

• And Kitty Culture has accommodated only female staff.


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