Karaoke Night at Unplugged Cafe n Grill

Are you the singing superstar of Ahmedabad? Or at least your group? Or are you a bathroom singer? Whatever the case may be, it’s time to bring out your talent and show it to the world! Melodious or not, there is one place you can put your singing skills to test and have your friends cheer for you – at the The Karaoke Night!

Yes, you read it right. There is actually a place in Ahmedabad that hosts Karaoke Nights every week. Unplugged Café n Grill on University Road hosts Karaoke Night every Thursday 6.00 PM onwards. You bring in your vocals and friends, and they’ll provide the music, great food and exciting mocktails.

The mini stage is set and the mike has been placed in front of the crowd. If you are not much of a singer, you can always howl on the mike, sing in groups, be a part of the cheering crowd or simply enjoy your fantastic meal!

Great food, superb ambience and super fun singing, now that’s a night to remember! So show off your vocal talent Ahmedabad, live the life of a rock star. What are you waiting for?





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