Kanoria Centre for Arts: non-profit institute aimed at promoting and developing art.
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Kanoria: Boundless Art

Guest Author: Preet Kaur

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” a quote from Edgar Degas very much complements the philosophy of Kanoria Centre for arts. This institute for fine arts is situated on university road in the beautiful campus of Cept. B.V Doshi and his spectacular architecture have given Kanoria a fantastically built building and has an array of interesting and beautiful art pieces from various artists. Despite of being located in the middle of a growing city, the centre creates peaceful, nature friendly and a creative environment.

Kanoria Centre for Arts: non-profit institute aimed at promoting and developing art.
Kanoria Centre for Arts: non-profit institute aimed at promoting and developing art.


This Fine Arts centre gives an opportunity for all aged artists to create a masterpiece of the own. With studios of various artists, this institute is an outcome of art works of artists for the last 25 years. To pass on this skill of presenting thoughts into various modes of art is one of the motives for Kanoria to conduct classes, workshops and courses for young artists; as Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Every artist was first an amateur”! These classes are conducted for various time periods such as two months to five years.  In this time span, students learn a large variety of techniques and different art forms.

With hands on learning, Kanoria gives a platform to students to explore each field of art.

They teach each topic in detail using various modes, for example with painting they would conduct practice with rice paper painting, water colour painting, oil painting on canvas, acrylic colour painting, and many more. Another speciality of Kanoria is in sculpture making where students design and create sculpture with P.O.P, clay and many more. Not only do they teach students different forms of arts but also give an opportunity to create their own art pieces with different material of techniques such as making a mask, creating a puppet, designing a wall piece with cloth and so on. These exercises and experiences develop a creative mind and builds artistic skills ; this also nourishes a person’s out of box thinking skills. These skills will later help students develop their own point of view or a new perspective to look at things.

All in all, Kanoria centre of arts provides young artists platform in the field of art and helps them unleash their creative ideas.



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