Kankaria Carnival 2012

Have you ever wondered about the carnivals that are held in Rio and wished that you were a part of it? Your wish is going to come true. Ahmedabad is going to have its own Kankaria Carnival scheduled from December 25 – 31. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation workers have really worked on the plans for this spectacle while the election fever gripped the city.


The Carnival, which was formerly confined within Kankaria lake, will pour out on the streets on the 25th of December. Amidst singing, dancing and merrymaking, the performers and citizens alike will move from Sanskar Kendra to Kankaria lake.Apart from the rides and activities that are regularly enjoyed at Kankaria, this Carnival will see the inauguration of rides like aqua carting, target archery, mirror maze and butterfly park inside the lake premises. Our newly re-elected Chief Minister, Narendra Modi will be present for the inauguration of the event and the finale. Other attractions of the event include children book festival, toy festival, children film festival, arms exhibition, bonsai tree exhibition, wall painting etc. Also, this time the festival will not just be about merry-making, but also about charity.


The organizers are planning to have a huge ‘Charity Bag’ where citizens can donate books, clothes and other materials which can be distributed to the needy. According to the organizers  the charity bag will be so big that the visitor will need to climb the stairs, placed beside the bag, to reach the mouth of the bag and put in their contributions.The full schedule of the Carnival is given below.


Date Event Name/Details Time Place
25 December, Tuesday Fine arts students and painters will paint various wall paintings across the city 10.00 am -Parimal garden underpass wall-Gujarat Vidyapith, Ashram road-Akashvani, Ashram road
-Income tax office, Ashramr road

-Sardar Patel bhavan, AMC office, Danapith

-Kankaria lake front, football ground, zoo

-Doordarshan tower, satellite

Kids from slum areas and from Municipal schools will exhibit Rangoli at Kankaria lake 10.00 am Kankaria lake
Citizens to exhibit bonsai trees and decorative flowers over a plot near Picnic house 10.00 am to 6.00 pm Picnic  house ,
Kankaria carnival parade starting from Sanskar kendra and passing through Jamalpur, Behrampura, foot ball ground, vyayam vidyalay and Kankaria. Various youth groups, Lezim dance, folk dances, etc. 3.00 pm Kankaria carnival
Kankaria carnival parade’s entry 4.30 Kankaria
Free train ride for Municipal school children, orphanage and old age home people 4.00 to 5.00 pm Kankaria
Chief Minister’s arrival
Cultural event and aatashbaji
7.00 pm Kankaria
26 December 2012 Bonsai tree, decorative flowers exhibition 10 am to 6 pm: Kankaria
Skillorama by slum area and municipal school children 10 am to 12.30 pm Kankaria
Free train ride for blind children,  extinct games
Rock group, cultural event, aatashbaji
4 to 5 pm Kankaria
27 December 2012 Laughing club 7 am Kankaria
Essay competition 10 am Kankaria
Free ride of train for deaf and dumb children 4 to 5 pm Kankaria
Skating by school children
Rock group, cultural events and aatashbaji
5 pm Kankaria
28 December 2012 Elocution competition 10 am Kankaria
Street smart show, live demonstration, spot response, game play, art and craft workshop 3 to 7 pm Kankaria
Free train ride for Municipal school children and slum children 4 to 5 pm Kankaria
extinct games to be played
Police band, rock group, cultural events, aatashbaji
4 to 5 pm Kankaria
29 December 2011 Fancy dress competition 10 am Kankaria
Senior citizens sports festivalSwimming competition 9 to 11 am Kankaria
Senior citizens sports festivalChess, table tennis, etc.  11 am to 1 pm Kankaria
Tricycle rallyFree ride of train for blind childrenNear extinct games to be played

Rock group, cultural events, aatashbaji


4 to 5 pm Kankaria
30 December 2012 Drawing competition by municipal school children 10 am Kankaria
Police dog show and police horse passing parade  2 pm Kankaria
Free ride of train for Thalassemic children 4 to 5 pm Kankaria
Near extinct games to be playedRock group, cultural events, aatashbaji  4 to 5 pm Kankaria
31 December 2012 Chief Minister’s arrivalCultural events and aatashbaji  7 pm Kankaria


Article Contribution : Akshat Patel
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