Just Don’t Be Their Stick-Be Their Pride Too!


For parents their children are their income and their grandchildren are their asset. They work hard to facilitate their off springs and sow a seed of values among them because they know one day they are going to harvest a fruitful and nourished family, a family of their own which will support them and take care of them in old age.

But today, in this materialistic world nobody is having time for anyone. People forget their duties and responsibilities regarding their parents. Those parents who have had made so many sacrifices to keep their children happy and satisfied.

What do they need? It’s just a little respect, care and tender words from their opulent children! But what they get are harsh words, insult and humiliation. Even worse is that they are diverted to old age homes.

This is what they deserve? This is what they get in return?

Once Mahatma Gandhi said on the opening ceremony of an old age home “I am not glad today, but will surely be happy when every old age home will be shuttered in the country”

I totally agree that they should not be placed in the old age homes. Their place should be in heart of their kids.

I have seen cases where grand children go and meet their grandparents regularly at their new homes. And wish to bring them back commensurate to that they find themselves with the feeling of hatred for their own parents among them. They are aware that their grandparents are suffering due to their parent’s ill treatment.

Irony of the situation is that they cannot take a step! But I wish there was movement planned against those who commit so.

And should be banished and devastated of their trade or jobs.

Because certainly they don’t have any right to inherit their old parents, but the parents have!


Article Contribution : Tulika Singhal




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