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Amdavadis are known for their binge eating, their undying love for faafdas, gathiyas and jalebis more than anything else and yes we also have cultivated a thing for chocolates but when it comes to eating healthy we often fail.

Joules Juices, an urban cafe cum restaurant cum juice bar serves the best delicacies prepared from exquisite fruits, chocolates and more. Rajiv and Khushboo Sharma, the endearing couple who happens to be the proud owners of Joules Juices welcomed The Ahmedabad Blog team to review the exclusive juice bar, the one and only one of its kind in Ahmedabad.

Have you heard about Joules Juices near Sports Club? Yes, this is the same place and Rajiv and Khushboo came up with another place near Atithi restaurant on Bodakdev road, which has been termed as a Khau Galli since the past decade.

This juice bar is located in a prime location. When you enter Joules Juices, you get a refreshing feeling from the fruits and chocolates. The kitchen is clean and spacious and the owners take care of the fact that the utensils are cleaned every fifteen minutes. I never heard about this for any restaurant or cafe before.

The menu at JJ’s mainly centers on fruits and chocolates. Here, you will get almost every fruit available ranging from strawberry, blueberry, apple, pineapple, kiwi and more. The menu also includes sandwiches and pasta and the usual dishes but there is no place in Ahmedabad which provides amazing recipes from Chocolate, cream, and their basic ingredient “Fruits”.

Rajiv is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and Khushboo from Nirma University. Rajiv also holds a degree in MBA Finance and thus everything was at stake when he quit his job in TATA to jump into food. He is a total foodie who likes his own food, so he takes care of all the items prepared at Joules Juices.

We had Choco Coffee Shake and Chocolate Strawberry Shake. The Choco Coffee Shake was perfect blend of coffee, Chocolate with the right amount of Sugar in it. When you have a sip of Chocolate Strawberry Shake, you get the unique taste from the sweetness of sugar, the bitter taste of dark chocolate and yes of course the tangy taste of blush red strawberries.

Being a foodie myself, I was curious on how he prepares his juices but I guess I will have to keep visiting Joules Juices. Many of the mixers and juicers were customized and some were bought from abroad too. Someone with minute knowledge and passion of food and cooking would not miss out on such details at Joules Juices.

Khushboo insisted on serving us the Maggi, the taste of which you would hardly find anywhere in the city but our tummies went for a toss and our tummies could not afford anything more.

The Ahmedabad Blog team gives Joules Juices thumbs up for their hospitality and excellent service. If fruits and chocolates excite you, Joules Juices is a must visit for every Amdavadi.











Photographs Courtesy : Harsh Thakker

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    Aastha Tiwari Reply

    Superb juices….addictive to the core. Been there, tasted that. Keep on the good work.

    Umesh Reply

    Yummy, healthy and interesting smoothie, Juice & Shakes. Fast service and friendly staff!

    Bharat Parmar Reply

    Its a very nice place to visit with friends. You can sit,chill and sip beverages along with few eating options.

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